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Robotic Crawl
Space Inspection

land drone with treads next to a controller with a screen that reads "Premier Property Inspection" offered as part of our inspection services in Medford Oregon

Property Inspection in the most restricted areas

  • Inspect and evaluate the home or building’s foundation and all the major systems, ductworks, plumbing, and vapor barrier.
  • Rodent and Pest inspection and consultation
  • Complete and Comprehensive report that is easy to read and understand


To provide the best property inspection services in Medford and the Rogue Valley, we utilize cutting-edge technologies, like land-based drones. These allow us to get a closer look at hard to reach spaces, like under a house or in a crawlspace. 

Infrared Moisture Scan

Infrared Image of home interior taken during home inspection in Medford Oregon

Find out if your home has an air leak, or if moisture is getting in somewhere. Our infrared imaging equipment allows us to answer these questions for you!


  • Complete Infrared Scan to detect moisture intrusion and wood rot or signs of decay, including the exterior and siding of the home.
  • Walls and ceiling checked for proper insulation and air intrusion.
  • Windows, doors and entryways scanned for moisture and air intrusion.
  • Complete and comprehensive report that is easy to understand.


quad copter drone available as part of our Inspection Services in Medford

The most efficient way to inspect the roof, siding, grounds and drainage systems

  • Roof inspection by Licensed FAA Commercial Pilot and Oregon Certified Home Inspector. Autonomous drone equipped with a HD camera will thoroughly inspect the roof and all its components.
  • Tower, structure and commercial inspections.
  • Special rates and services to Industry professionals
  • Complete and Comprehensive report that is easy to read and understand

To safely inspect the higher up places of your home, we use quad copter drones. This technology reinforces our commitment to providing the best inspection services in Medford and the Rogue Valley!

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Manufactured Home Special $325

Includes our infrared home efficiency evaluation

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Be sure to request Premier Property Inspection to your real estate agent

Our reports are the best in the industry. See for yourself.

Infrared Imaging camera used as part of our Inspection Services in Medford Oregon


Complete scan of the entire house for Moisture and Wind intrusion, insulation evaluation and scan all major systems and their components.



quad copter drone used in property inspections

The most efficient way to inspect the roof, siding, grounds and drainage systems. Our drone inspectors are licensed FAA commercial drone pilots and Oregon Certified Home Inspectors.

land based drone with treads used in property inspections


Our Crawlbot “SHERLOCK” will get up close with all the systems, piping and ductwork under the house. Simply the most complete and superior method for crawlspace inspection.

“Save yourself the headache and worry about your new home’s condition and hire PPI for your inspection. Their reports are like an in-depth picture of the entire home and yard. Very satisfied with their service, highly recommended”

– Lisa T., Grants Pass

“I think you did an incredible job with your initial inspection and the follow up re-inspect of the repairs was also outstanding. Thank you so much, you saved us thousands of dollars before moving to the Rogue Valley.”

Milton G, Kennewick, WA